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NIG Mouse Phenotype Database

NIG Mouse Phenotype Database

NIG Mouse Phenotype Database is used to identify latent genetic components underlying quantitative complex traits based upon mouse inter-subspecific genomic and phenotypic differences. An inbred strain MSM/Ms was established from Japanese wild mice, M. m. molossinus, collected in 1978 in Mishima, Shizuoka-ken, Japan (Moriwaki et al. 1994, 2009). It shows large extent of phenotypic difference in many complex traits, as well as vast amount of genome difference (0.82% SNPs), for a standard laboratory strain C57BL/6J (B6) (Abe et al. 2004). We have constructed a new full set of mouse consomic strains, using MSM/Ms as the chromosome donor and B6 as the host strain. We have systematically collected phenotype information of these inter-subspecific consomic strains, focusing on various complex traits (Takada et al. 2008), and it is still underway.

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Takada, T. et al., 2008. Mouse inter-subspecific consomic strains for genetic dissection of quantitative complex traits. Genome Research 18: 500-508.
Moriwaki, K. et al., 2009. Unique Inbred Strain MSM/Ms Established from the Japanese Wild Mouse. Experimental Animals Vol. 58, No. 2 123-134


This Database is supported by KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research) on Priority Areas "Comparative Genomics" from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.